BibleThumper is a Bible study software program written for PalmOS® devices. It incorporates the King James Bible, a concordance for fast searching, bookmarks, dictionary, commentaries and greek/hebrew lexicons. Databases can be read directly from memory cards to increase the amount of study material dramatically.



  • Full text Bible
  • Strong's numbers integrated in the Bible
  • Concordance for fast searches
  • Hebrew and greek lexicons
  • Commentaries
  • Direct access to memory card increases the amount of study tools available

Hyperlinked References

  • Tap on a word in the Bible and get the Strong's number, lexicon definition or dictionary definition
  • Note icon displayed next to each verse to show immediately that a commentary is available
  • Tap on a verse to copy to the clipboard, bookmark, write a note, or find similar verses
  • Verse references in commentaries can tapped to view the Bible verse

Personal Study Tools

  • Notes for each verse can be written in a personal commentary
  • Bookmarks with categories


  • Concordance makes searching fast
  • See a list of all search results and a preview of the verse
  • Similar setting for search
  • Search words are highlighted in Bible text

Interface Features

  • Color icons and highlighting of search words, personal icons
  • Selectable fonts for easier reading
  • High resolution screen support for most devices
  • HandEra® 330 support: rotation, silkscreen minimizing, jog dial
  • Most functions can be controlled by a keyboard


  • PalmOS® version 3.0 or higher
  • 1.6 MB minimum memory. Approx 300K for the application, remaining data can be stored on a memory card
  • PalmOS® VFS extension if memory card access is desired
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